real-life story of wellbeing with Ghada

Tell me a bit about yourself. What do you want the world to know about YOU?

I am a woman who wants to do everything and is constantly complaining that the sun sets too fast. Yet, at the same time, I am a woman who wants to slow down. I want to savor the aroma of coffee and sip on good wine, live in a book, laugh and cry over a movie, dance on the beat of good music, walk bare foot on a sandy beach. I am a woman who feels the positive vibes looking at a painting or admiring a good design, a woman who is the best friend of her children and the best friend of her best friends. I am a positive woman and a contributing part of the society. I pay attention to the smallest details around me in people, things and places and make others see them as well. I am a woman who believes (truly and strongly) that the whole universe was, is, and will be turning around women only. I am a woman who believes that the majority of her fellow women are not aware that being a housewife and a mother, as holy as this job is, is not enough to fulfill their destiny and role in this life. I am a woman in love, constantly!

Describe a typical day in your life.

I usually wake up at 7am to take my “3-dates and coffee” in my garden with my boyfriend and partner in life before going to the gym for an hour. Then I head to my other home and sanctuary, my galley and showroom The Workshop. I’m there all day till 8pm. It is the place where I cook up my ideas and make them real, and it is where I interact with Dubai community through art exhibitions and interior design services, different workshops and public events. The place has a café, it makes me feel so happy and content when I see people sitting there enjoying the music playing, picking up a book from our free library, sipping on their coffee and having a light meal. I talk to my guests a bit, I design and scribble a bit, check my emails and social media a bit, maybe have a couple of business meetings…

Going back home in the evening it is me and my partner together again for a meal and we catch up on the day’s happenings and news, we might watch a movie or see some friends. The last hour before going to sleep is usually dedicated for reading fiction.

What was one of the biggest challenges you faced during your journey to where you are today?

The biggest challenge I faced was to “live my way“, to be able to freely speak my mind, and to learn not to conform. Being a woman makes it a continuous challenge always.

Who would you describe as a role model and why?

Well, it is not only one person, it cannot be only one. There are many that I admire for different virtues, also vices, that I learn from and actually listen to. If you mean a celebrity, then I admire Angelina Jolie a lot. She is a very strong women, an achiever on many levels, both as a mother and a career woman. I would also add the artist Majd Kurdieh and his Fasaeen. Google him up and understand his work and you will know exactly what I mean!

Tell us one thing about you that most people don’t know.

Hmmmm…Well I suppose I would be answering you if I don’t answer!

What is one piece of advice about how to cope with challenges/struggles you face in life that you would like to give to the world?

Have faith in the power given to you as a woman. Listen to only those who are really worth listening to besides listening to you heart. Also remember, the sky is not the limit.

What is ONE word that you feel defines you?

Honest and transparent. What is in my heart comes straight out to show on my face.