• In this article, Criminologist and Forensic Psychologist Lama Younis talks about the rise in crime rates committed by women across the UAE. She also delves into the possible reasons behind the escalating rates of such crimes.

  • This article gives an overview of a talk given by Dr. Anastasia Kamanos, Director of Development at Hissah Enrichment Center hosted by The Personal Counseling Division at AUD. Dr. Kamanos examined how our response to fear shapes our relationships, careers and life choices.

  • In this article, Founder of Hissah Enrichment Center, Ms. Lama Younis speaks about The Lama Campaign, a not for profit organisation dedicated to ensuring the protection and well-being of Muslim children and youth through education and awareness. Launched April 2016, the month of Child Abuse Prevention awareness.

  • This article emphasis on the goals and missions of Hissah Enrichment Center and its role in the community as envisioned by the founder, Ms. Lama Younis. It also discusses the latest Child Safety Campaign, The Lama Campaign and its impact on the society.

  • Ms. Lama Younis, founder of Hissah Enrichment Center and The Lama Campaign discusses the need to raise awareness on child safety and her mission to create a brighter future for children through her campaign. Her ardent work to ensure safety for children has listed her as one of the everyday heroes who bring change to the world.

  • This article focuses on the The Lama Campaign, launched in April, the month of Child Abuse Prevention awareness. Miss Lama Younis, founder of The Lama Campaign talks about the importance of raising awareness on Child Abuse in the GCC and the Middle East and believes that child abuse prevention is an issue that’s time has come.

  • This article lists Ms. Lama Younis as one of the 100 most influential young Arabs under 40 in the world for the second consecutive year in 2016 for her contributions towards child safety and community well-being through Hissah Enrichment Center and The Lama Campaign.

  • This article lists Ms. Lama Younis, Founder of Hissah Enrichment Center and The Lama Campaign as one of the 10 most inspirational women in the middle east who have worked to create positive change in the community.

  • This article speaks about Psychologist Lama Younis, her background, and what inspired her to bring Hissah Enrichment Center to life. Also, it explores the aims she has for the future of the center.

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