Our Team

Ms. Nizza Lou Villarico


Nizza Lou Villarico is the Center Administrator at Hissah Enrichment Center. She has completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from St. Mary’s College, Philippines. She has also completed certification courses in the areas of management and care of children with Autism, as well as facilitating speech and language skills in everyday life. In addition, Nizza has recently successfully completed the training program requirement for Positive Psychology. The course focuses on positive emotions, personal strengths and interventions that can help people experience happiness, wellbeing, and success.

With 2 years’ experience working as a Special Education teacher at Sail Center in the Philippines, which is a specialized and individualized learning center for children with Autism, Nizza has a particular passion for the field of special needs.

With her Psychology background, great organizational skills, and motivation to work in a field where she can apply her educational and professional experience – Nizza is a great asset to our team. Nizza prides herself in her ability to work well under pressure, stay focused as well as flexible, as well as always willing to learn for personal and professional growth and improvement.

Nizza aims that through her skillset, she can smoothen the administrative processes at Hissah Enrichment Center so that each area of the Center is functioning at its’ most efficient and effective level.

Services offered: Enrichment of Interpersonal Skills, Exploring My Career, Children and Life Skills Development, Mentoring Program Set-up

Telephone: +971 52 288 4689
Email: [email protected]