real life story of fawad ahmad shah hissah ec abu dhabi

Tell me a bit about yourself. What do you want the world to know about YOU?

A third culture kid and a global citizen, I belong to nowhere yet everywhere. A perfectionist, ambitious, passionate, creative, introvert, humanitarian, sensitive and emotional being. A Creative Director by profession. A cynical optimist with a penchant for magical and extraordinary things.

Describe a typical day in your life.

I have a pretty monotonous routine when it comes to my daily life. I wake up around 6 am and get ready for work. I usually start work from 7am till 3pm. I have a half introvert and half extrovert personality, so while I am working here in KSA, it’s the former that I tend to be. Usually after work, it’s just home. Most of my time is spent either watching something online, or music, or just occupying myself with some form of art and creativity.

What was one of the biggest challenges you faced during your journey to where you are today?

Life throws many challenges at you along the way but I think the biggest challenge I had to face over the years was having to change my own personality, my ideologies and way of thinking. Growing up as an idealist, I had to turn myself into more of a realist. I think finding the right balance is the key to anything in life. Which is easier said than done. I have learnt to conquer and surpass any challenges life throws at me. I think the skill to adapting isn’t easy at first but when you get a hang of it life becomes a lot simpler.

Who would you describe as a role model and why?

I would definitely say my parents for the way they raised me. I learnt to be a kind person and how to respect everyone because of them and their role modeling. Another personality that has been my role model is Abdul Sattar Edhi. His work, his life, is so inspiring and it’s something that drives me on to do as much as I can to help others within my capability and do as much good as I can as long as I live.

Tell us one thing about you that most people don’t know.

Most people don’t know that I am a very good DJ. I am into producing music as well. But I tend to keep it lowkey.

What is one piece of advice about how to cope with challenges/struggles you face in life that you would like to give to the world?

There are different ways to handle situations and struggles and you could give million pieces of advice on it, but I would say what has helped me in facing any situation is realizing and telling yourself that everything in life is temporary. The good, the bad, and the ordinary – everything changes with time. You have to always focus on what you have in the moment and not worry about the things you don’t have. If you’re going through a bad time, that will pass eventually, so you got to hang in there! Even if you’re in a happy place, try to cherish those times too because they don’t always last forever. Just remember to live!

What is ONE word that you feel defines you? (It could be your profession, a personality trait, or a quality you possess).