how to be better mom Hissah EC Abu Dhabi

Do you remember being pregnant? I’m not talking about the morning sickness or the heaviness or the swollen feet. I’m talking about remembering that state of mind of being completely aware with every ounce of your being that you have a life inside you that is dependent on you. Everything you eat, drink, or are exposed to is directly affecting that child. We make sure to take our daily vitamins, eat healthy, drink lots of water. We avoid caffeine, totally cut out alcohol and smoking, and just generally make sure we are doing our level best to be our healthiest.

However, the second that baby leaves our body, something happens. We seem to forget that strong association between how we care for ourselves and how we care for our child’s health. Our time and energy is spent in thinking about everyone else BUT ourselves. We have gotten so used to putting everyone’s needs before our own that basic human necessities such as eating well, exercising, or having a night out with friends all seems out of reach or even impossible. We all have that ultimate goal of being the “best mom”, but what we tend to ignore is that by not taking care of ourselves, we are falling short on that goal.

The thing is, what we don’t realize is our kids want to be just like us. They’re watching us all the time, and that is how they grasp concepts, understand the world, and learn. They emulate us. So, think about it for a minute, how can we expect our kids to eat healthy and drink plenty of water if we are not eating healthy and drinking plenty of water? How can we expect them to understand that exercise should be an integral part of our routines if they never see us exercise? How can we expect them to sit down and eat a proper breakfast if they see us quickly chowing down on a piece of toast while we are doing the regular mad dash in the morning of getting lunches packed, kids ready, and out the door on time for school?

The matter does not end at the just healthy eating and exercise, it also includes getting enough sleep, indulging in some “me” time, taking time out to do something you love and that does not fall in the mommy realm. Getting enough sleep and taking part in some selfcare makes you calmer, less frustrated, and more ready to tackle the challenges of parenthood. A happier you will reflect on all areas of your life, and your kids pick up on that right away!

It just takes awareness and some organization/planning to be able to find that right balance where you have the time and capacity to take care of yourself along with everyone else. Having lunches packed and clothes laid out the night before will allow you that time to sit with your kids in the morning and have breakfast. Switching off your phone and devices to allow for some down-time in the evening will allow you to get a more restful sleep at night and making a meal plan for the week or picking a couple of days a week for meal preps will allow for you to plan and execute a healthy eating system more effectively in your household.

Lastly, making arrangements for someone to watch your kids while you enjoy a spa date with a friend or take an art class will allow you that time to relax and do something for yourself and only yourself! Your kids will always benefit from a healthy, happy, relaxed mom and you can only achieve that by making yourself a priority. It is not being selfish – it is being smart, aware, and making a conscious effort to be a better mom!