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Moving can be excruciating, yet it can provide numerous long-term life benefits. As I look back on the time when I moved from my country to the United Arab Emirates, I realize that I was emotionally and financially unprepared. I didn’t have any idea on how to start living on my own and all I knew was that I was spirited to look forward to the many life changing events that would come my way. Living so far away from my family was such a terrifying feeling that it took me quite a while to get fully adjusted. This also made me realize that moving beyond my comfort zone is strenuous yet the experience has made me a stronger and better person. Given this, I thought it might be helpful to share some of the reasons why I think moving can be a positive change:


1- You will have a new beginning


Moving to a new place will give you a fresh start on everything, a blank page. New beginnings can be a little challenging as we don’t really know where to start but the good thing about this is that you are starting with YOU; reminding yourself that you can start from where you are, use what you already have and do what you can as it is just a matter of drawing up the most fulfilling life plan you need.


2- You will have a new environment


Moving to a new place implies that new adventures await. A new environment means new neighbors, new housemates, potential for new companions, new food hubs; in other words, everything is fresh and new. Some of these changes can be tough yet they can be productive if you have a positive mindset and are influenced by your surroundings.


3- Your journey of self-discovery


Moving to a new place means exploring yourself. This, by far, is the greatest and most important adventure of our lives to discover who we really are. Being exposed to new people in a new place brings out something new about yourself that you have not discovered before. Moving can help you rediscover aspects of yourself so take advantage of the opportunity and explore as much as you can.


4- You will grow


Moving is a good thing. You can perceive how well you do in another world and genuinely sharpen your social abilities with the added advantage of figuring out how to be yourself. In life, you have to step out of your comfort zone in order to grow so you can learn how to be a functioning, independent person. Pray that you will become adaptable and embrace the struggle to change; It’s not easy, but it’s good for you.


Moving to a new place (I think) is already a positive change in itself. Regardless of whether it’s for your job or your own decision, moving to a new environment takes a lot of courage. However, it might be an opportunity for more doors to open and enhance both your personal and professional life. Meeting new people, experiencing new situations will give you more room to progress, improve and broaden the horizon of your expectations.




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