real life story of noor shama hissah ec abu dhabi

Tell me a bit about yourself. What do you want the world to know about YOU?

It’s hard to talk about myself but I can say that I’m very passionate about the things I love — family, making jewelry, art and my work in general. I very much enjoy the creative process as a whole, and I can safely say that it has always been my constant.

I’d like the world to remember my talent and that I was righteous, hardworking and kind.

Describe a typical day in your life.

I’m very organized and I love routine. I tend to get up early (even on weekends), and I eat the exact same thing every day. I find comfort in consistency and repetition as I’ve learnt that it gives me more time and space to focus my time and thoughts on the things that matter — the things that need my attention.

What was one of the biggest challenges you faced during your journey to where you are today?

The challenges have always been the best learning curves. Unfortunately though, we live at a time where your creative abilities are not enough to get you through, thus networking and the right connections are vital. That,however, is not my strongest forte as I’d rather just focus on the creative process. It is also challenging and disheartening at times when you don’t see immediate results but I’ve learnt that talent, hard work and patience are the recipe to success.

Who would you describe as a role model and why?

The resilient, the kind and the passionate – and that pretty much defines my parents.

Tell us one thing about you that most people don’t know.

Reformer pilates and reading have been my therapy.

What is one piece of advice about how to cope with challenges/struggles you face in life that you would like to give to the world?

Deep breaths. I stay focused (in the zone) and remind myself that whatever it is I’m going through is temporary and that it is never personal. This too shall pass.

What is ONE word that you feel defines you? (It could be your profession, a personality trait, or a quality you possess).