Everything You Need to Know About Psychologists in Abu Dhabi

Looking for professional help is important for people who are feeling anxious, depressed or angry to a point where it is interfering with their well-being, functioning in day-to-day life, and overall health. Licensed psychologists have the necessary skills and medical knowledge to treat a wide range of psychological and physical conditions. By making specialized tests, psychologists aim to understand how a patient thinks and feels in order to effectively diagnose their situation and provide a viable solution. In most cases, this involves explaining to the patients what is causing their issues and what aspects of their lives they need to change.

People may also look for a psychologist to solve short term problems like the loss of a close relative, losing their job, going through a divorce or other tough emotional situations. A psychologist will help a patient overcome their negative emotions and work towards reaching the individual’s true potential that is being hindered by their problem.

However, the most challenging part of a psychologist’s job is to treat patients with chronic conditions such as addictions, depression, or other serious psychological ailments which could potentially affect the individual’s long term life and well-being. To give an accurate diagnosis, psychologists need to establish the relationship between various different things such as genetic, neurological, social, and psychological factors which all overlap and contribute to different types of behaviors. By examining all these factors, psychologists get a valuable insight into the patient’s inner story and thereby can figure out possible treatments and methods to work towards solving the issues at hand.

In Abu Dhabi, licensed psychologists with doctoral degrees are among the highest educated health experts in the country, sometimes spending more than 6 years dedicated to their studies before they start to practice. There are people from all kinds of cultural backgrounds in the country, meaning that psychologists in Abu Dhabi have to overcome language and cultural barriers in order to help people reach their life goals.

The best way to find psychologists in Abu Dhabi is to look at their profiles, credentials and patient history. Most top psychologists are extensively recommended by satisfied customers. Of course, price is a determining factor to choose the right psychological help. Counseling in Abu Dhabi is usually charged by the session, which normally lasts one to two hours. The price of each session ranges approximately from 350 AED – 1200 AED. Group therapy is a good way to get psychological help and support if a patient can’t afford private counseling.

Getting help from a psychologist is a very personal decision. Accidents, parenthood, work related stress, relationship dynamics, the loss of a loved one; each person processes hardships in their own way. This is why there are many kinds of psychological therapy. It’s the counselor’s job to choose the type of therapy that best suits the patient’s characteristics and specific problem. To find psychologists in Abu Dhabi, a patient must take into account what style of therapy is employed by the psychologist. Normally, after the counselor does the initial assessment and based on the provided information from the patient, treatment and therapy plan is decided that best addresses the problem. The process is usually explained to the patient in the first session. Looking for a specialized professional is very important; proper psychological help can effectively and quickly improve most psychological conditions, while saving the patient time and money.