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Child Safety

Children are the most precious and valuable part of our society, and since children are born innocent, their safety is one of the most vital concerns to look into while they are growing. In today’s unstable world, no one can foresee all the possible dangers that children may face, so as a parent – the safety and protection of their children is a huge responsibility and task.

Child security is one of the most significant issues we can address today and usually kids’ accidents and injuries occur at home. Typically, houses are designed keeping adults in mind, so there will be places or things that could lead to harm for children, as they love to explore and are too young to understand what might be dangerous for them. This is why supervision is key as well as making sure your home is child-friendly to avoid all possible accidents.


Safety at Home

Home is an important place in our lives, it is where children first perceive their growth, begin their learning and development journey, and yet it is also the most common place to be injured or accidents to occur. So as a parent, what are the things to keep in mind to build a secure home environment? Each home should introduce children about protection and safety measures so that they can be self-assured at the same time you are helping them learn how to protect themselves.

There are many areas in the house that possible risk for children may arise and the most common threats are:

  • Electrical wirings/sockets
  • Stairs
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Sharp objects
  • Household bathroom chemicals
  • Medicines;
  • Outdoor areas: such as gardens, playgrounds and swimming pool.

Therefore, safety measures at home are crucial in preventing such potential danger. But how?  As parents, you can simply make a complete safety checklist which you can now easily find online, buy child-friendly products, teach your children to identify hazardous things in the house, and of course provide effective supervision in order to reduce the risk.



Parents and citizens, be reminded with this famous quote “prevention is better than cure” as you can apply it to each and everyone’s home by creating a safe environment for children by taking time to check different areas at home from time to time and do the necessary changes to keep them safe. Promote child safety – it is challenging but it is never a burden. Be responsible and vigilant but, most importantly, make your home a place of trust and support that fulfills your child’s needs.



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