The Life of ‘Art Millennial’

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in a world without art, or photographs in particular? What if there was no device to capture life’s wonderful moments; ones that you hope will last forever? What if there was not even a piece of paper to hold or keep in an album to relive hundreds of memories and make you reminisce on the past? But for Art Millennial, living without photographs would be dreadful. No photographs means no memories to share for the online world to see. Every previous event in life would feel like a dream slowly vanishing without a trace. Luckily for Art Millennial, technology never stops improving devices.

Back in the day, taking photographs was done with care and caution because there were no previews or delete button, only films that you would not be able to see until you had them printed. You needed to peak in the camera hole and check that every angle was on point before clicking the shutter button. You wouldn’t see old folks taking “selfies” or several shots with the same person. Instead, photos were taken with every single person at the gathering as evidence of the heart-warming smiles and outpouring of emotions. These are the things that tend to make old photographs memorable because they depict real life stories, emotions and happenings that touch one’s heart, being and more importantly, a person’s soul.

For Art Millennial’s generation, taking photographs is almost an ordinary thing to do with friends, family and a significant other. As a matter of fact, this scenario happens almost every day. We belong to a generation where photographs are taken with the intention of sharing them online along with a story of what the photographs are about. In contrast to the past, there are no photo albums to put on the shelves. Rather, albums are created and saved on social media accounts.

Moreover, Art Millennial belongs to a generation where creative and enhanced photographs are considered as art. Capturing stunning shots tends to be an easy thing to do with the help of innovative devices and photo-enhancer applications. Enrolling in professional photography classes will no longer be necessary since we can get thousands of ideas just by browsing online. There are tutorial procedures that we can follow to come up with a photograph that is worth a thousand likes on social media.

However, the “photography” world of Art Millennial is not as easy as clicking the camera button – we have to consider every point and perfect every angle from brightness to saturation to temperature before uploading photos on social media. Saying that he or she “has an eye” for photography, might no longer be true. Instead, Art Millennial thinks that every photograph taken, is a piece of how we perceive the world around us. We represent ourselves through photographs that are transformed to art that fits the standards of the millennial generation.

Art Millennial illustrates the life of young adults living in the millennial – those who love to travel, visit artsy cafes or museums, create new fashion statements or share unique food recipes. But in the end, all these people have the same goal, to share their own kind of art with the online world through their photographs. Indeed, photographs have been touching people’s hearts even before the millennial times and it’s overwhelming to see that today’s generation are taking advantage of photography in a positive way.

The life of millennials might be improved because of photography and its use as art therapy. Though it’s not a therapy to treat mental disorders, it can be used as a stress reliever. The term art therapy may sound unusual to some, but it does help, especially when you’re feeling blue. Doing art therapy does not require you to take superb photographs like Art Millennial, but photographs that will touch your heart, make you feel good about yourself, and will show the real you in this world full of millennial arts.

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