Real Life Stories - Coming Soon

“Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a writer. Some are written in books and some are confined to hearts.” – Savi Sharma

Both my grandmothers were master storytellers, narrating 50-year-old events with such fine detail as if they were recalling something that happened yesterday. Through their stories of struggle, the power of love, the enormity of the loss, the intensity of fear when you look death in the face, the strength it takes to leave everything you own behind – these stories are what gave me a sense of who I am, where I came from. My history. These legacies of brave, beautiful women narrated to me through their own mouths taught me the power of human resilience, intellect, compassion, and love. When I am struggling or frustrated, my grandmother’s soft voices, smiling faces, and examples of how they dealt with life give me motivation, encouragement, comfort, and hope.


Moments, instances, tragedies and triumphs provide content to our stories, that make up chapters which compile immaculately into our book. We all have our own unique experiences which shape and mold us into the who we are today – this is the beauty of life.


However, it saddens me that so many amazing stories are left unheard, unspoken, unshared and they drift off into the unknown – lost forever. The lessons that could have been learned, the uplift that could have been given, the sadness that could have been taken away, the loss that could have been made more bearable, the benefits that could have been reaped through sharing a story will never be known….wasted.


I want to change that, in whatever small way that I can. As a mother of 2 little ones, I want my children’s lives to be full of stories. I want them to learn from the stories of their parents and grandparents and great-grandparents. I want them to cherish and love all those tales and encounters as I have my whole life, and then pass on those stories and, more importantly, those beautifully embedded messages and lessons onto their children.


This is driving force behind why I wanted to start something focused on stories. If I am a woman with a mind and heart full of wisdom and lessons learned through my family’s stories – then there must be SO many other people out there like me who have so much to share.


The Hissah Enrichment Center blog will be the place where I will begin to share OUR stories. Stories of love and loss, successes, and failures, fears and motivations. Raw and honest tales of everyday people from different walks of life. My aim is to bring people together through real-life stories. How do my experiences relate to yours? What can I learn from the way you coped with your fear? How can I incorporate your lifestyle management skills into my own life? If you can get past your loss, what is stopping me? – these are just some of the questions I want my readers to be asking. Join me in this journey of weaving a beautiful tapestry of tales which document the little lessons, moments, victories, and disappointments that make up what we call LIFE.


With Love & Light,