Manage your Emotions: Interactive Workshops at HEC

It is a well known fact that emotions are displayed in a physical manner whether it is shown through our facial expressions or through health conditions created by stress. The best way to manage these situations is to understand the root cause of the problem that manifests itself physically in one way or the other.

Scientific studies have proven that health conditions can be caused or worsened by stress, anger, depression and other emotional states for kids and adults of all ages. While medications can help offset some of the side effects and reduce the symptoms, it is only by dealing with the underlying psychological factors that health will start to improve and the individual will be better on a long term basis. Everyone struggles in their own unique way which could range from stress induced overeating, anger issues which increase blood pressure, or depression related lethargy.

The first step to resolving an issue is admitting that there is a problem and realizing the fact that you may not be able to fix it without assistance. If one-on-one counselling is not something you would like to consider, Hissah Enrichment Center provides knowledge building workshops in Abu Dhabi that can answer many of your questions and provide guidelines or steps on how to manage emotions or self-destructive behaviors.  These sessions are offered on a group level so that you can see and hear from other people who have the same struggle, all leaded by a professional who has an expertise in the topic area.

By definition, workshops are interactive sessions where discussions or activities take place involving the entire group. These events have been known to be more beneficial than attending lectures or seminars in which there is no group or audience interaction. An example of such a workshop are the anger management workshops that take place at Hissah Enrichment Center.

Anger management workshops in Abu Dhabi are a common event hosted by Hissah Enrichment Center that assist with a wide range of issues. Anger can create traumatic situations, destroy relationships and cause major health issues because of being built up inside without proper channeling, demonstrated in the wrong way, or just plain left ignored or unacknowledged for too long. Both adults and children can benefit from this session because it will teach them techniques on how to manage and deal with their emotions before they get out of control or manifest themselves in various physical ailments, as well as help participants explore what the actual cause of their anger is. This is the real goal because until you find the root cause, the issue will never be completely resolved even with management methods . You can combine this with other services offered for business professionals, singles, couples and families depending on your individual situation.

Once you learn how to manage your emotions, you will find that you live a healthier and less stressful lifestyle with more fruitful relations with family members, friends and co-workers. Parents can also check out classes for kids who are struggling so that they can receive tools and resources at a young age instead of waiting until they are older and their habits have already been formed. Go to our website today and see all the workshops in Abu Dhabi that we have to offer and sign up for an event that suits you and your personal needs.