Dubai is a city like no other. As soon as you come through the doors of Hissah, you realize that this is indeed a center like no other. Broad panoramic windows and airy, open spaces offer a welcoming, serene environment. The high ceilings give an infinite feeling, reminding you that the sky is the limit and this is the place you can achieve all your goals. White phalaenopsis orchids elegantly placed on the shelves and coffee tables exude a sense of purity within yourself and create an energetic and positive environment. Bathed in the warmth of the natural light and surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature outside, you are invited to let your worries slowly melt away.

Hissah Enrichment Center is founded by Lama Younis, the first female criminologist and forensic pyschologist in the GCC. The vision of the center is a new concept to be introduced in this region. The aim is to empower people, coach them in their personal and professional development, and provide training to adults and youth facing challenges in their everyday lives. It is about a cause that is genuinely concentrating on helping people enrich their lives and build the confidence in empowering oneself. If you feel as though you need a helping hand in reaching your goals, polishing your interpersonal skills, or just need a confidence booster, Hissah is your go-to place.

Hissah is the ideal place to express yourself through the many different mediums the center has to offer. A large shelf greets you at the entrance stocked with a variety of books for readers to choose from. The magazine rack conveniently placed next to a comfortable couch by the window is an ideal place to read. Hissah gives importance to providing a diverse range of reading material to learn from, which also reflects how people from different backgrounds are welcome to share what is on their mind and work on their personal and professional development. Apart from reading, you can express yourself through drawing or writing on the whiteboard, which encourages people to embrace their individuality in this calming exercise. Through each step you take at Hissah, you are invited to enrich and transform your life as we guide you along the journey to self discovery and development.

To know more about Hissah and what services we offer, please visit us on March 7th for our monthly coffee morning. We invite everyone to come in, ask questions, and participate in our group discussions. Mark your calendars and drop by, follow the link here for more details.