Detoxify Your Life

As adults, we tend to think, contemplate and rationalize issues regarding different aspects of our lives. More often than not, we worry about our responsibilities at work even after office hours. At home, we can’t seem to put our mind at ease since we’re constantly thinking of the tasks we need to do for the upcoming days. Thinking how fast time flies makes us anxious that we can no longer separate our personal life from our work life. Admit it or not, these are the things we unconsciously do that drain our energy and diminish the balance between our work and personal life.

Detoxifying your personal life starts with assessing yourself and your thoughts. Negative thoughts, unrealistic goals, and expectations you must live up to are some of the factors that complicate your life (St. James, 1994). Incorporating such undesirable thoughts can create issues within yourself that weren’t there in the first place.

Your negative habits can unconsciously elevate stress levels. It’s beneficial, therefore, to reward yourself once a month by taking the time to be alone. Solitude can help relax your mind and release stress in your body. Moreover, a bit of alone time can favor discovery of several new things including insights about yourself.

These insights oftentimes lead to a questioning of the effect of relationships on your personal life. For example, ending a stagnant relationship may not be easy when you’ve been together for a long period of time. But never use time, effort, energy and love you have invested as reasons to continue the relationship, for you’re dealing with a lost cause (Dobelli, 2013).

Cleaning up relationships also applies to friendships that no longer work for you (St. James, 1994). Toxic friends are easy to identify – these are the people who only remember you when they are in need but are nowhere to be found when you are the one who needs help. People will try to pull you down and treat you badly if you let them. Don’t let these friends take advantage of you.

Cleansing work life is also very challenging as it takes great patience and daily practice to prevent yourself from bringing homework issues. Detoxifying work life starts with reorganizing your workflow. Try creating a to-do list: only write the things you can accomplish within the day. Set a time frame for every task you’ve written on your list. Setting limits for yourself will help you get more things done by doing less every day, and more importantly, you no longer need to bring your work home. By doing this, you’re not only making your life balanced, but you’re also helping yourself to work less, work smarter and live the kind of life you’ve always wanted (Babauta, 2009).

If you’re still struggling to eradicate things in your personal and work life, assessments such as stress management can help you lessen stress and identify characteristics and behaviors that contribute to your stress.

When it comes to detoxifying life, always remember that there is no harm in seeking help if you’re also doing this to gain a sense of balance. We all face different kinds of issues every day and need to equip ourselves with the right behavior, thinking, and guidance to overcome the things that are weighing us down. Why not try to detoxify your life this 2017, and see if eradicating unnecessary things will help you live lighter.


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