4 Ways You Can Benefit and Reach Your Goal

Gone are the days when only those with severe mental illnesses would need to see a psychologist to treat or manage their “craziness”. Today, thankfully, the role of Psychology has gained a much wider understanding and acceptance in everyday life, help in attaining your goal if you have been sidetracked, and light has been shed on the importance of it in virtually every field.

Despite this, there is still a stigma attached to visiting a therapist. People still feel they need to hide their issues and give the illusion of being mentally fit and fine so as to fit into society. Slowly, however, the world is beginning to accept that you don’t have to be mentally ill to make use of professional help. As a matter of fact, in the fast-paced and stressful world we live in with so much happening at once, even the sanest of minds can benefit from seeing a psychologist every now and then to gain clarity and reassess life goals. If you are unsure about how/if you will benefit from therapy, read below for some for some further understanding.

Handling Emotions
Therapy is usually thought of as something which will help you solve your problems and deal with overcoming big things like anxiety and depression. However, one aspect which is usually overlooked is that therapy is also a way to better establish emotional wellness in your daily life. Therapy is not just for those who are going through huge traumas or life-altering experiences, it can help us deal with the little or seemingly unimportant stressors in our lives which add up if not dealt with properly. Throughout our daily lives, we are faced with many issues that can become emotionally exhausting and in turn lower our quality of life. This is why if you are looking for a psychologist in Abu Dhabi, it is important to find one that will help you focus on factors like how you appear to other people, allow you to tap into your emotions and express your frustrations and provide feedback, as well as offer insight on those identified emotions that are affecting your daily life.

Giving you Depth
Today’s world has become so superficial that if we sit for a minute and think back to the things we have done, talked about, or thought about in the past couple of days we will realize that it most probably is all work related, social media gossip, sports, the new iphone 7 release, or that new movie that we just saw. The last deep conversation we had might have been months ago. Seeing a psychologist, will open up your mind and push beyond the mundane and superficial allowing you to delve into deeper questions of personal experience, feelings, drives and even historical precedents. Especially living in a place like Dubai, it is important to step back once in awhile from all the materialism and focus on the basics of life. Therapy can help you get past the fake and venture into the real and meaningful things that influence you.

Knowing Yourself
It is no surprise that there are many people even in their 30’s and 40’s who do not really have a handle on who they really are. Knowing yourself is a necessary prerequisite to personal growth and empowerment. Not only this, but it is the key to our happiness in our relationships, careers, and overall life. Until you can really tap into your inner self and know what you want out of life, what your goals are, where you are headed, what is important to you, what your values and beliefs are, you can’t really learn to manage emotions or deal with even small issues let alone the big ones. Therapists help you look inside and dig you out from under all those layers till you find your true self. Therapy, through talk, tasks, and exercises, allows your to open up towards being more self-aware.

Holding you Accountable for your Goals
Whether you want to make a career change, lose weight, or get past your fear or public speaking, seeing a therapist can allow you to break down those mental barriers that have been stopping you for so long and identify the steps you need to take to attain your goal. Not only that, therapy will guide you to take those steps one at a time until you feel equipped to do it on your own until you reach your ultimate destination. We often think that we want to achieve this or that, but we just don’t know how to do it or where to start and that stops us from even attempting to take a step towards it and that can even lead us to go backwards! Many times, all we need is guidance, a push, and to know we are not alone. Seeking help to reach your goal provides massive support and creates a feeling of accountability when it comes to going after your goal.

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