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Tell me a bit about yourself. What do you want the world to know about YOU?

My name is Maya, I am a B.S. Computer Science graduate. I have been here in UAE since year 2000. Presently, I am working in an advertising agency and fashion line brand called Blessed Boutique. At the same time, I am the co-founder of Blessed support group. It is a nonprofit organization wherein we cater to people whose life has been touched by cancer. It was founded on January 11, 2014. I love contributing my time to create a good atmosphere and to make a difference in the world in my small way, I feel it is the least I can do. Generally, I can be who I am in a way that my Creator created me. I am a person who follows and believes in Jesus Christ. I am a person that lives a simple life and enjoys it to the fullest. I am a person who has strong faith and trusts fully in God.

Describe a typical day in your life.

I start my day doing my daily devotional. It is very important for me to spend my time with God first thing in the morning. During weekdays, I work in the office for 8 hours but if we have an event, I mostly am outside doing purchasing and sourcing for the materials needed and other preparations for the said event. Every Friday, I go to church and spend time with my church mates and friends after the service. There are also some Fridays or Saturdays that I will be working since most of the pop up events fall on weekends. If I am free on Saturday, I am usually at home – cleaning my room, doing laundry, ironing my clothes, video calling with my family, watching movies online or Facebooking. I also have a regular Monday evening meeting with single professional ladies which is a church related activity and involves mentoring them to help grow their relationship with Jesus.

What was one of the biggest challenges you faced during your journey to where you are today?

I would say, my most challenging time was in 2013 when my sister who was also working here in Dubai was diagnosed with cancer and the doctor talked to me and declared that my sister need to undergo an urgent operation within a week. He advised us to make a decision as soon as possible because the cancer cells were very active. In order for her to combat those cells my sister Jo needed to do the major operation. It was not easy for the family to accept the news emotionally, financially and spiritually. Especially when her oncologist related to me all the procedures and overall cycles of her treatments, including the finances that we needed to raise to pay for her treatment. Every time her schedule of treatment was drawing near, I would have to think where or how we can get the amount of money needed for her medicines. Both our salaries combined were not enough to sustain her weekly treatments. However, I had strong belief that God is a great provider in every situation of my life, I clung on and kept on holding on to my God with consistent prayers and without ceasing calling upon His name. Emotionally and physically it was hard to see my sister suffering but God is so faithful to us, and my sister surpassed and beat cancer. Seeing her now working as a healthy person makes me more stronger and my faith increases more and more and more. It was because of what my sister had been through that I got inspired to create a group where I can extend my help to people that are touched with cancer.

Who would you describe as a role model and why?

I can’t think of any but Jesus. I always look up to HIM because HE is very compassionate to all people.

Tell us one thing about you that most people don’t know.  

A woman with a pure heart and fearing of God.

What is one piece of advice about how to cope with challenges/struggles you face in life that you would like to give to the world?

There are always highs and lows in life, but it doesn’t mean you will give up in those situations when things aren’t going right. Every time you feel that way, keep on moving, press forward, and always seek God’s advice. Always anchor yourself with God.

What is ONE word that you feel defines you? (It could be your profession, a personality trait, or a quality you possess).