Our assessments on personal development provide an insight on the issues that individuals face in their day to day life and provide support to help them create the right balance in life, improve their overall well-being and promotes healthy functioning which will allow them to reach their goals efficiently. The assessments help individuals to understand the obstacles that they face related to stress, anxiety, career growth, learning and more so that they can then work on solutions to overcome these issues.

Assessment Number A003

Adult Manifest Anxiety Scale(AMAS)

The Adult Manifest Anxiety Scale (AMAS) consists of three different instruments: the AMAS-A (for adults), the AMAS-C (for college students), and the AMAS-E (for the elderly). The AMAS- A is intended for use in evaluating the level of anxiety experienced by individuals across the age spectrum from early adulthood to late middle age. The AMAS-C focuses on screening and evaluating college students for anxiety. It includes a number of items that specifically address test anxiety. The AMAS-E is designed for use in evaluating anxiety among individuals aged 60 and above; it therefore includes items that identify aspects of anxiety specifically experienced by many senior citizens, such as the fear of aging

Age: 19 years and older
Duration: One hour

Assessment Number A004

Geist Picture Interest InventoryPlus Motivational Questionnaires

The Geist Picture Interest Inventory (GPII) measures the preference of the individual in choosing a career and identifies the motivating factors that led them to choose the profession. The GPII is often used with children and adults who may have limited verbal facility. The GPII is used to assess quantitatively eleven male and twelve female general interests.

Ages/Grade: Grade 8 through adulthood

Assessment Number A011

LSI Learning Styles IndexLearning Styles Assessments

The Learning Styles Index summarizes the learning environment that energizes you, how you gather and use information, your approach to receiving feedback and making decisions, and how you organize and manage your time. Being aware of how you learn will help you become a more effective learner.

Most individuals develop a preference for some learning styles and avoid using others. To engage in effective learning, you must become aware of your strengths and weaknesses as well as when it may be more effective to use an alternative style to reach your objectives. The Learning Styles Index report will help you discover your preferred learning style, helping you achieve your best results.

For all ages.

Assessment Number A012

CIP Career Interest ProfilerCareer Interest Tests

Identify top career choices. Anyone searching for career direction will find this tool helpful. The Career Interest Profiler (CIP) measures six traits and suggests 20-40 top careers that fit the test taker’s interests. The report includes job descriptions, links to either O*Net or NOC (National Occupational Classification) databases, as well as helpful information and exercises for further career exploration.

For all ages.

Assessment Number A013

CVS Career Values ScaleCareer Vales Scale

The Career Values Scale (CVS) is an up-to-date measure of work values, preferences and needs. These values are a part of a person’s core beliefs and gives meaning to the person’s career and life. They are a useful indicator of job satisfaction and personal goals.

For all ages.

Assessment Number A014

EPI Exam Preparation InventoryLearning Styles Inventory

Not everyone learns and retains information the same way. The Exam Preparation Inventory (EPI) is a measure of test preparation and study behaviours. Categorized into scales that parallel the 8 MBTI ® preferences, the EPI will help your students/clients succeed by discovering a learning strategy that fits their personality. This is a useful tool for learning styles/study skills programs

For all ages.

Assessment Number A020

SP Stress Profile

The Stress Profile quickly identifies individual characteristics and behaviors that protect against or contribute to stress. Stress Profile measures a variety of factors that may affect one’s physical health and psychological well-being. The different scales in the Stress Profile measure Stress, Health Habits (including Exercise, Sleep/Relaxation, Prevention, and Eating/Nutrition), Social Support Network, Coping Style, Psychological Well-Being and more.

For all ages.

Assessment Number A02

Draw On Your Relationship

This assessment is designed specifically to help people explore, communicate and learn more about themselves and their relationships. The materials aim to provide a highly creative and thought-provoking arena for people to reflect on their lives so that they can think, feel and act in more fulfilling and positive ways. It aims to empower people to improve their quality of life by improving their relationships.

Age: 6 years through adulthood

Assessment Number A0

Draw On Your Emotions

This assessment is suitable for all who wish to explore, communicate, and learn more about themselves and their emotional well-being.
Many people can survive and recover from the hurt and pain they have suffered from if they could just somehow describe it and talk about it. The structured exercises offer the opportunity for such communication. They are designed to help people to explore and express what they may have previously suppressed or acted out destructively, because at the time these reactions were the only option.

Age: 6 years through adulthood


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