Anger Management Assessment

“When angry, count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to one hundred.” – Thomas Jefferson

What is Anger?

Anger is a fundamental human feeling that is experienced by all individuals and is actually one of the most productive emotions. But how? Anger can manifest in us for any number of reasons – each person has a different threshold and different triggers. As per the American Psychological Association, anger can be a good thing if understood and managed correctly.  It can give you an outlet to express your feelings or it can be a fuel to further drive you towards your goals when managed appropriately.

According to Psychology Today, anger can also be a destructive feeling that can have a negative impact on an individual’s psychological and physical wellbeing. It can become a problem if the frequency or seriousness of anger meddles with relationships, work, daily life, and mental health. If so, then it might be good to consider to use a tool that can help understand the problem and that is the anger management assessment.

Anger Management Assessment

Anger management assessment is a tool that is used to understand your anger, it helps you learn how to control your aggression, to become aware of your emotion, as well as helps you to determine the root causes. Initially, a self-evaluation can help you figure out whether your anger is an actual problem or not. A self-evaluation can help to identify your triggers. Once it is determined that there is an issue – it is then suggested to get a professional evaluation done.

The anger management assessment evaluates a person’s views, actions and affections to determine if such characteristics might be obsessive or problematic to an individual’s wellbeing. This assessment can be taken online or in person. Anger assessment is not a final diagnosis there are a lot more factors which must be mulled over before any conclusions can be made. In any case, this evaluation might be the initial phase in assessing whether your anger issues are serious enough to call for proficient intervention.


Nobody ought to experience the harmful effects that an anger problem can cause. Make time and put in the effort to assess your life and your feelings, there are so many ways and tools available for you. So, if you think you have issues with anger that you want to address, then anger management assessment is a move toward regaining control of your life.


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