The Hissah Enrichment Center is dedicated to the elevation and engagement of adults, youth and children through relevant and innovative approaches – designed to empower and transform individuals, families and communities.

Our center is unique in the Middle East and responds to the region’s growing need to provide education, training and consulting in areas related to coping with societal change and to strengthening personal & professional relationships in the workplace, the home and the community.

The Hissah Enrichment Center was founded by Lama Younis, an advocate for children’s rights and the first Criminologist and Forensic Psychologist in the GCC. Driven by her passion, vision and compassion, the center aims to: enrich interpersonal skills, to develop personal empowerment, to improve social, personal and professional relationships for adults, youth and children. The center’s progressive approach is supported by the most recent research in the art & science of psychology, thus promoting the expansion and enhancement of personal and professional life, within and beyond the workplace.

We are the proud recipients of an array of prestigious awards that highlight the passion, dedication and professionalism that is the ethos of the HEC team. The 2014 Arabian Business Startup Awards presented Ms. Younis with the Women in Business award. Ms. Younis was awarded the Young Achiever Award 2015 by the World Leadership Congress & Awards. The GCC 2016 Africa Leadership Excellence Awards granted Ms. Younis the Social Innovation Leadership Award. This recognition of Ms. Younis’ hard work and dedication by these respected bodies substantiates the genuine, authentic, and quality services provided by Hissah Enrichment Center. More

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The Hissah Enrichment Center is unique in the Middle East and respond’s to the region’s growing need to provide education, training and consultation in areas related to coping with societal change, strengthening personal & professional relationships. Our location.

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  • Arabian Business

    GCC Young Achievers 2021

    Lama Younis founded the UAE-based Hissah Enrichment Centre in 2013. The centre’s mission is to enrich interpersonal skills, develop personal empowerment, and improve social relationships on the personal and professional levels for adults, youth and children across the GCC.

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  • The National

    UAE ministry explores benefits of downsizing weddings to help couples save for the future

    Lama Younis, founder of Hissah Enrichment Centre for Psychology and Wellbeing, said she always advises family and friends to consider intimate weddings instead of large ceremonies.

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  • خطوات تعزز الروح الإيجابية عند العودة للعمل والحياة المجتمعية

    أكدت المتخصصة النفسية في مركز حصة للدعم الاجتماعي في أبوظبي، لمى يونس، وجود مجموعة من الخطوات تعزز الروح الإيجابية والسلامة الصحية عند العودة إلى العمل والحياة المجتمعية بسرعة دون الإضرار بالواجبات الوظيفية بعد فترة الحجر الصحي الطويلة أثناء تطبيق الإجراءات الاحترازية التي اتخذتها الدولة لمكافحة فيروس كورونا الجديد.

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