Hissah Enrichment Center

Hissah Enrichment Center provides psychological services for children, family and work-life. The Center provides counselling, therapy, tailored training, workshops and consulting designed to address key issues affecting us in the workplace and at home. We offer services to corporations, agencies, educational institutions and individuals in one-on-one consultations, group/team sessions, organization-wide/company-wide engagements, & workshops in and outside of the center.

Who are these services for?

  • Women and men
  • Families
  • Professionals, students, consultants, trainers
  • New and experienced group leaders in health care, social services
  • Employment, youth and human resources
  • Facilitators who want to improve their leadership skills and confidence
  • Group leaders who want to design and deliver their own workshops
  • Supervisors who want to improve group motivation and dynamics
  • People seeking professional development
  • Students or professionals entering work environments

Where are these services offered?

Our services are offered on-site and throughout the GCC.
Please see our list of services and our schedules for details on our workshops and dates.

Diversity and Dignity

The essential elements of dignity, and how the model can be used to repair conflict in relationships. A workshop facilitated exclusively by Dr. Donna Hicks of Harvard University. One-to-one and group follow-up sessions are available upon special request.

Stress Management and Well-being

Stress is the epidemic of the 21stC and impacts people’s lives in a myriad of ways. The stress management workshops and presentations provide the insight, practical tools, and strategies that are needed to lower stress and build resilience to achieve balance, fulfillment and success. This workshop takes a multimodal approach to managing stress, considering how it impacts one’s behavior, emotions, body sensations, imagery, thinking, relationships and physical well-being. Techniques will be introduced to address each of these modalities and will include the use of biofeedback (including the highly regarded HeartMath system).

Anger Management

Often anger is a front for other feelings like sadness, frustration, loneliness or powerlessness. Using Redford Williams’ 12 steps we help participants control aggression by learning to challenge their negative thought processes and develop appropriate ways to express their feelings. By becoming aware of the underlying emotion, participants can learn to change how they view, interpret and describe events, effectively channeling anger into more creative outcomes.

Coaching and Life Success Skills

Effective life coaching is a form of change-facilitation that ‘enables’ rather than ‘trains’ people. Our aim is to provide you with the skills and support needed to identify your goals, become aware of obstacles that stand in the way of your success and help you to overcome these obstacles. Rooted in insight-based approaches, every session in this series offers an opportunity to go deeper in refining personal transformation and in unlocking your true potential.

Enrichment of Interpersonal Skills

Well-developed interpersonal skills are vital for success in the workplace and beyond. We help you to develop your communication and “people” skills, to overcome resistance, and engage and motivate people to work with you towards your goals.

Personal Power and Self-Esteem

The program provides practical strategies, techniques and support in developing a strong sense of self, and in cultivating self-esteem and empowerment. We help to develop personal expression, strengthen self-image and build meaningful, respectful relationships in personal and professional contexts.

Handling Conflict

Recognizing and using Conflict Styles Effectively: There are five key styles (modalities) for handling conflict. This interactive one-day course will enable participants to identify their current conflict styles, recognize the styles as used by others, and begin selecting the best style to use for individual conflict situations.

Understanding Personality

The Meyers Briggs Type Indicator Workshop: The 16 MBTI personality types have been used for many years to facilitate group dynamics in leading companies. In this interactive workshop participants will be guided through several different methods designed to assist them in identifying their own personality type; to identify the potential strengths and weaknesses of their personality type; and consider how to work effectively with people of differing personality types.

Exploring My Career

Research tells us that we will change careers a number of times in our lives. At times we need to step back , refocus and refine our career outlook. Looking back in order to move forward empowers us to discover our authenticity, affirm our talents, and reclaim our own power. In this particular one-on one format, we help participants who are ambivalent about their career trajectory examine their core strengths and interests to better prepare themselves for successful career decisions.

Public Speaking Courses

Success requires the ability to articulate our thoughts clearly. Our practical training, tools and interactive practice help clients to improve their public speaking skills, build confidence and ensure presentation effectiveness.

Dealing with Difference

In a rapidly changing cultural workforce, diversity is key to any organization’s success. Through assessments and training, participants develop a range of strategies and practices to better promote effective cross-cultural communication and improve their organizational environment.
Participants will achieve a better understanding of identity and difference and develop practical skills and tools to help build and promote organizational diversity.

Understanding Culture Formation and Impact

To help improve broader management functioning by deepening understanding of how human systems develop evolve, and impact organizational working life.

Mindfulness-based Workplace Survival

Mindfulness is the ability to transcend ordinary thinking and stress, by inhabiting a way of being that allows us to experience our lives in the present moment. Exploration of Mindfulness practices relevant to improving work performance are introduced and practiced.

Mentoring Program Set-up

Hissah offers a range of mentoring solutions that include training and establishment of mentoring programs .The aim is to encourage the personal and professional development of participants through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience between novice and established participants.

Pedagogy and Learning Support

This service is designed to help students excel academically. The aim of our learning support programs and self-development activities is to increase student academic performance through individualized diagnostic, prescriptive, and instructive educational plans . We provide learning style assessment and counseling, multimedia resources to support student learning, as well as workshops and seminars on student learning.

Child Protection Awareness & Training

A Culturally Sensitive Approach to Child Abuse: The protection, safeguard and well-being of our children is everyone’s responsibility. Our aim is to create an awareness of the key issues in relation to child protection while taking into account the particular culturally sensitive context of this issue. Essential topics include, introduction to child abuse, identifying tell-tale signs of abuse, types of abuse, prevention, protection and helpful advice.

Personal Safety for Children

Through the child’s world of “play”, children up to age 12 and their parents are educated on how to protect children from abuse and harm. Parental support is reinforced in a parental guide that offers techniques to encourage communication.

Parenting and Childrearing Techniques

Effective and positive parenting and child rearing techniques that will help parents accomplish their parenting goals.

Children and Life Skills Development

Our life skills, hands-on training help children 12 and under, to attain their personal best through the development of a broad range of personal, social and cognitive skills. The enhancement of childrens’ lives leads the way to a productive and meaningful adult life.

Child Safety

The aim of this service is to help parents, professionals and those working with children to gain awareness of the complex issues that young people face online and the challenge that we have to protect and educate them. We provide information, support and guidance to help you review, and make decisions for whatever context you are in.


Today’s youth are tomorrow’s peacebuilders. Growing up in a world of globalization, young people today have more power, know-how, and connections than any previous generation. With this to offer, young people are brought together and introduced to the field of international peacebuilding. Supported by a Hissah expert, they are encouraged to form teams and to start, execute and complete peacebuilding projects of their own creation within a set time frame.

Youth and Adult Leadership Training Programs

We at HEC look forward to helping youth and adults develop an awareness of their capabilities as leaders for the betterment of themselves, their families, schools and their broader communities. With innovative, participatory programming, students gain an awareness of their inner strength and how they can leverage this source of power to enhance and impact their lives and their surrounding environment.

Adult Survivors

Our aim is to assist adults who have experienced childhood trauma and/or abuse in all its forms. We provide information about childhood trauma/abuse, the effects of abuse and provide coping strategies. Grounded in the latest research, participants are empowered to gain greater insight into themselves and their relationships, and to embrace positive and hopeful outlooks on life.


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