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About Hissah

The new Hissah Enrichment Center is dedicated to the elevation and engagement of adults, youth and children through relevant and innovative approaches designed to empower and transform individuals, families and communities.

This center is unique in the Middle East and responds to the region’s growing need to provide education, training and consulting in areas related to coping with societal change and to strengthening personal & professional relationships in the workplace, the home and the community.

The Hissah Enrichment Center was founded by Lama Younis, an advocate for children’s rights and the first Criminologist and Forensic Psychologist in the GCC. Driven by her passion, vision and compassion, the center aims to: enrich interpersonal skills, to develop personal empowerment, to improve social, personal and professional relationships for adults, youth and children. The center’s progressive approach is supported by the most recent research in the art & science of psychology, thus promoting the expansion and enhancement of personal and professional life, within and beyond the workplace.

Our Services

Youth and Adult Leadership Training Programs
Understanding Personality
Understanding Culture Formation and Impact
Stress Management and Well-being
Public Speaking Courses
Personal Safety for Children
Personal Power and Self-Esteem
Pedagogy and Learning Support
Parenting and Childrearing Techniques
Mindfulness-based Workplace Survival
Mentoring Program Set-up
Handling Conflict
Exploring My Career
Enrichment of Interpersonal Skills
Children and Life Skills Development
Child Safety
Diversity and Dignity
Dealing with Difference
Anger Management
Child Protection Awareness & Training
Adult Survivors

Who We Serve


The following assessments and more are available along with a one on one session in which clients can discuss their results…

  • A001 Goal Oriented Assessment of Lifeskills (GOAL)
  • A002 Developmental Profile 3 (DP3)
  • A003 Adult Manifest Anxiety Scale (AMAS)
  • A004 Geist Picture Interest Inventory Plus Motivational Questionnaires
  • A005 Customer Service Aptitude Profile (In-session)
  • A006 Parent-Child Relational Inventory (PCRI)
  • A007 Parenting Stress Index, Fourth Edition (PSI-4)
  • A008 Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children (TSCC and TSCC-A)
  • A009 The Parent Report Card Plus for Children and Teens
  • A010 Work Personality Index
  • A011 Learning Styles Index
  • A012 Career Interest Profiler
  • A013 Career Values Scale
  • A014 Exam Preparation Inventory
  • A015 ACER Tests Ability and Selection Tests
  • A016 Test of Abstract Reasoning (TAR)
  • A017 Risk Management Tool for Hiring Employees
  • A018 Customer Service Test (CS)
  • A019 Sales Test (ST)
  • A020 Stress Profile
  • A021 Psychometrics 360 Degree Feedback Tool
  • A022 WorkSafe Predictor (WSP)



Ongoing Workshops


Smarter Parenting... Safer Children (1) Workshop

Parenting in the 21st century requires making more mindful and informed decisions about the social, physical and psychological safety of our children. Technology, computer games, the internet and exposure to violence are some of the stressors that impact our families and children today. Hissah Enrichment Center, in collaboration with The Lama Campaign, is inviting you to join us for an inspiring, thought-provoking and informative workshop entitled “Smarter Parenting… Safer Children (1)” This enlightening, 3-hour workshop offers parents, caregivers, health Providers, professionals and students practical ideas, effective tools and valuable skills to help provide a safe, happy and healthy environment for children.


Workshop Fee: AED 350

Office 102, Block 6
Dubai Knowledge Park
Dubai, U.A.E.

Hissah Workshop


A List of Upcoming Events

Hissah Events

Coffee Morning - Jeans Day

Wear your Comfortable Jeans and join us at Hissah Enrichment Center for a cup of Coffee on Jeans Day.

Office 102
Block 6
Dubai Knowledge Park
Dubai, U.A.E.

Press Releases


The Lama Campaign: A pledge to our children

In this article, Founder of Hissah Enrichment Center, Ms. Lama Younis speaks about The Lama Campaign, a not for profit organisation dedicated to ensuring the protection and well-being of Muslim children and youth through education and awareness. Launched April 2016, the month of Child Abuse Prevention awareness.


Entrepreneur of the Week: Lama A. Younis , founder of Hissah Enrichment Center

This article emphasis on the goals and missions of Hissah Enrichment Center and its role in the community as envisioned by the founder, Ms. Lama Younis. It also discusses the latest Child Safety Campaign, The Lama Campaign and its impact on the society.


Everyday Heroes – Ms. Lama Younis

Ms. Lama Younis, founder of Hissah Enrichment Center and The Lama Campaign discusses the need to raise awareness on child safety and her mission to create a brighter future for children through her campaign. Her ardent work to ensure safety for children has listed her as one of the everyday heroes who bring change to the world.


‘Child abuse has to be talked about,’ says UAE criminologist

This article focuses on the The Lama Campaign, launched in April, the month of Child Abuse Prevention awareness. Miss Lama Younis, founder of The Lama Campaign talks about the importance of raising awareness on Child Abuse in the GCC and the Middle East and believes that child abuse prevention is an issue that’s time has come.


Lama Younis: 100 most influential young Arabs in the world for the year 2016

This article lists Ms. Lama Younis as one of the 100 most influential young Arabs under 40 in the world for the second consecutive year in 2016 for her contributions towards child safety and community well-being through Hissah Enrichment Center and The Lama Campaign.


The 10 most inspiring women in the Middle East : Ms. Lama Younis

This article lists Ms. Lama Younis, Founder of Hissah Enrichment Center and The Lama Campaign as one of the 10 most inspirational women in the middle east who have worked to create positive change in the community.

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